Competition and training camps

As communicated a while back these are the dates we can use the swimming pool in Antwerp. We’ve changed to order from previous years and added a training camp in the mix:

23 October 2022Belgian Open Training camp
27 November 2022Competition day 1
5 March 2023Competition day 2
30 April 2023Mixed tournament

Belgian OPEN training camp

For the training camps we’re throwing things over the different bow (classic Flemish expression ;-)). Before we’ve mostly organised camps for a specific campaign and lately we had separate camps for the men and women.

No more of that. Regardless if there’s a championship on the horizon or not we’ll have OPEN training camps for all to join. We’ll play some hockey, teach some skills and turn it into a nice day of hockey!

These open training camps can then turn into a campaign for a championship. Meaning if there’s a momentum among the players during the open camps we can then focus on building a team for a championship. That means, we need our best and most motivated players to be there for the open training camps!

Interest to play? Join us on sporteasy for more information and invitations!

For the players who have used sporteasy with us before:
Men – our team will be expanded with the women. No action required if you’re registered already
Women – please join this new group too.

Lastly, we need some people who can organise workshops and trainings. At this point there’s officially only 1 coach in the running, Niels Van Kruchten for the ‘Elite Men’. He will be there but we need more people. Please mail to: if you’re interested to contribute!

Belgian competition

Same format then we had last year, all information can be found on this page:

Mixed tournament

Also, same format then the previous years. More information will follow!