Road to Turkey 2022

We’ve had a communication from CMAS regarding the upcoming Championships. As you know the competition in Australia 2020 has been cancelled but something new is coming up! That means we’ll start a new campaign #roadtoturkey! Below all the information we know so far;

  • Championship Website:
  • World championship category B – not official due to Covid
  • Turkey, Istanbul. Venue with 2 olympic pools, 2,55m depth
  • Planned dates: 25/07 to 05/08 (not 100% fixed)
  • Mandatory hotel that provides accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner for €130/single or €170/double room
  • Entry fee: €2000 per team with €500 discount if we bring a referee

That’s coming up fast, only 210 days from today! That means we have 14 days to confirm our intent of joining the competition. Deadline is 10/1/2022. We’ll need to move fast. If you are interested as a player please fill in the form below.

Filling in the form below means you have the intent to trail for one of the teams. There’s absolutely no obligation linked to it, it’s made to give us an idea of how many players we can assemble. Your details will be used further communication too. Even if the chance of joining is low, you can fill it in.