OPEN Belgian competition

Last call to join our Belgian competition! Please forward to anyone who might be interested!

The Belgian competition is an OPEN competition. We would love teams from abroad to join us in Antwerp and play some hockey! The format is based on the number of teams that subscribe. So please, if interested fill in the form below as soon as possible. Some details we already know;

  • Competition will be at least 2, maybe 3 days. Out of these options;
    • 03-12-2023
    • 25-02-2024
    • 17-03-2024
  • Foreign teams can choose to join 1, 2 or all days.
  • Tournament is held in Antwerp (see location)
  • Playing times are between +/- 13:00 and 18:00
  • The level of the competition ranges between ‘beginning teams’ and ‘high’
    Compared to the Dutch competition this would be 2nd, 1st devision and a little bit of ‘hoofdklasse’.
  • This tournament is free

Any other questions, reach out to us at;