One mixed tournament coming up!

Per request we’ve organised a new mixed tournament. Very similar to the one from last year. I’ve gathered some information for all the players who will join us sunday! We’ve landed on 59 players, some players left us and others asked me to join!

All of you have ranked yourself and have been ranked by someone of your club. The average of both rankings has been used to devide the 59 players into 7 teams who are as close as we could make them. Above is a graph that shows the small remaining difference between the teams. For the underwaterhockey-playing-graph-enthusiasts only!

From those 59, there are 7 players who are made captain. We’re still working on the teams and team names but they will soon be showed on this page: Competition > Mixed Teams. You can check your team and it’s name there on Sunday morning!

  1. Andy Van Wesemael
  2. Davy Schoups
  3. Alexis Franck
  4. Roger Cox
  5. Magali Vaes
  6. Francois Denudt
  7. Sander Vreven

Regarding the location, I guess everyone knows his way to the pool by now but on the following page you can find some extra information regaderding the “Antwerp 10 Miles”, that’s on the same day as our tournament. Important for the players coming from the West! Mantis, Zwarte Zwanen. Competition > Location

The schedule can be found on the schedule-page, obviously. You can also find some extra information regaderding the timing on that page. Please, ALL players try to be at the pool at 12:30. We’ll need people to help us setup the field. Goals, walls, Puck, Refereree equipment, Sound, … Competition > Schedule

Finally as the day progresses and I find a couple of minutes to fill in the scores. You can see the results of the matches on another page too. Competition > Results

See you sunday!