Invitation national youth trainingday

On (easter)monday 10th of April we organise a national trainingday for all youthplayers from 9 to 19 years old.

The trainingday takes place in the Olympia swimmingpool of Bruges from 8h45 untill 17h.

Inscribing for this trainingday is possible through this link :

The training will be by Dutchspeaking and French speaking trainers and is for all levels.

We’ll have 3 sessions in the water and 2 sessions in between to rest, eat and learn some tactics.

The main goals of this trainingday are to get to know eachother, grow as an individual player, learn from eachother and in the future to build a national youthteam. 

The training will be for all levels. 

If you have inscribed, meet us at the entrance at 8h45. 

The adress of the pool is Doornstraat 110, Bruges.

See you there!