Preparations have started for our new season of competition. This is what we know today:

OPEN Training camp

We started our season with the open training camp on 15-10-2023.

More info in this message

Belgian competition

More info, see this ‘captainsmeeting’

A full round robin with all teams. Expect a lot of short games without switching sides. There’s a lot of teams this year! Exciting times!

Based on the the ranking after the 1st day team will be divided into 2 poules. Expect less games but longer.

Results of the competition can be found here!

Mixed tournament

It’s becoming a tradition but this season too we’ll mix all our players together in mixed teams for the mixed tournament! Great opportunity to learn and play with players from other clubs instead of against!

More info will follow, mark this date in your calendar; 28-04-2024.