Round 1

Tomorrow is the first day of our competition, more information regarding the 2 playing days and it’s division can be found here;

More information for tomorrow can be found on the schedule-page, link below or in the top menu via “Competition”. There you can find an answer to all your questions:

  • When does my team need to play and what color?
  • When do I need to referee? This is NOT always after a played game
  • Is my team in charge of preparing the fields or the cleanup after? Please check this!
  • Can we take a time-out? (The answer is no)

Unfortunately there will be no large screen to see the timing during the day. On the schedule page there are 2 links that you can use on phone or tablet during the day. We will not provide printed schedules. Please be careful to refresh the links if you check them. Sometimes they will not do so on their own.

Then even more information can be found on the results-page. You can find the scores and ranking of the first games here. This will be updated as the day progresses.

Any other questions?