End of the competition ’19-’20

As announced in the previous article. The Belgian competition this year is held over 2 days. The 2nd day has just finished. The results below.

Congratulations Orca, champion of Belgium. Big thanks to all the players and coaches who made this competition possible by being there and giving it their best!

We also have an announcement from EPO:

Hello everyone !
For your information, on 16th February, since we have the pool in Antwerpen but it’s not an official date for the Belgian Championship, we have invited two French female teams : Diderot and Lille.
Of course, everyone who wants to come to play is always welcome !

Nathalie Meessen

Belcomp ’19-’20 – Ranking

Belcomp ’19-’20 – Scores

Belcomp ’19-’20 – Goals