Elite men to Turkey – coach wanted!

Just before the end of last year we’ve send out a survey to see if there’s interest among the players in Belgium in sending one or multiple teams to the world championship in Turkey. Here below are the results of that survey.

Based on this survey we’ve informed CMAS that Belgium has the intention to participate in the championship with our elite men. With 18 (!!) interested players and an average motivational score of 4,8/6 we’re looking forward to a short but strong campaign.

Unfortunately the other teams did not manage to gather enough players to warrant a participation in the championship. We can only say to the players who will be left at home, keep trying and motivate your fellow players! Don’t forget there’s tournaments all over the place that are great fun too.

What’s next?

The first next step is an important one! We need to find a coach! This is a call to all players to start looking for one and all coaches the present yourselves. Since we like forms and stats so much we would like all potential coaches to fill in this form: https://forms.gle/AxN5zfFcnJ7aGeBg6

We are looking for a coach who can turn our elite men into a team. Someone who gets players motivated to give the best of themselves, surpass their current level AND form a team that supports, trusts and fights for each other.

Apart from a coach, we need to start organizing our training camps. All options and ideas are very, very welcome here! Pool space is precious, help us find it! Send us an e-mail: nationalteams@belgiumuwh.be

Players who are still interested in playing with the elite team or participating in the training camps can send us a e-mail to that same adres. We’ll add you the to list!

We’re off with a great start!

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