A glove should be worn on the playing hand to protect against pool-bottom abrasion and, in some designs, for protection against puck impact on knuckles and other vulnerable areas, however no rigid protection is permitted. A glove used in competition must be a contrasting colour to the wearer’s stick, but not orange which is reserved for referees’ gloves – this is so water referees might be able to better distinguish between a pusher making a legal contact with the puck and a hand making an illegal contact with the puck. It is also usually preferred that a players glove is a different colour to the puck. As the puck is usually pink or orange it means players should avoid gloves coloured black, white, red, orange, yellow and pink. A referee at any match or tournament can ask a player to use different kit before they play, hence players should be careful when choosing the colour of their gloves. Blue is often used due to the limitations on glove colours, but others have also been used.

A lot of players make their own gloves. Here is an instruction youtube. This is always a fun activity to do with your club. How to make an underwater hockey glove – YouTube

Or you can order them:

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