’23-’24 Captains-meeting

Here you can find all information regarding the Belgian competition. This page will replace the captains-meeting and will contain all information. All information will be updated as we go, so please check this information regularly.

Any other questions? competition@belgiumuwh.be

The schedule will be visible on a large screen AND with your phone . On the schedule page there are 2 links that you can use on phone or tablet during the day. We will not provide printed schedules. Please be careful to refresh the links if you check them. Sometimes they will not do so on their own.

Regarding the schedule, please note that both field start their games at the same time. In case of time-outs they might not stop at the same time. Games will start even if teams are not ready.

Referees are required for each game. Like previous years 1 team will provide all referees for a game. That means; 2 or 3 water referees and 1 head referee.
In case of dispute, Kristof Froyen is our chief referee. Please contact him to find a solution. Reach him via competition@belgiumuwh.be or find him during the day.

Day 1 – 25-02-2024 – Timing

Day 2 – 17-03-2024 – Timing