Belgian Competition Day 1

Finally again, after 2 years, the official competion is starting this sunday 20 februari 2022!

All the details are below!


Olympisch zwemcentrum Wezenberg
Desguinlei 17/19
2018 Antwerpen


12:30Assemble at the pool + gather equipment to pool side
12:45Captains meeting @pool entrance
12:55Dressing rooms open
13:15 Start first game
17:30End last game + gather all equipment
17:45Time to go home


We ask every team member to please help with the unloading and setting up of the pool. We have 2 playing fields. at the end of the day please assist with getting the walls out of the water

Underwater: 1 set of goals per field, 1 wall between field A and B and 1 wall on the outer edge of field B

Above water: Referee tables with equipment, sound system, 1 ropeline above each wall

Field A = shallow, Field B = middle

Subs field A and B see image


The games are 10min in total, no timeouts or half time and each team will play a total of 8 games.
Time between games is only 3 minutes, so players and refs be ready!

Please note that when you have to ref, you ref with your whole team (4 player), so 2 referees in the water and 1 head ref and 1 timekeeper at the table. Every teams refs a total of 4 times! We need 1 team per field to ref, so please check the schedule! You have to scroll to the right if you are on mobile phone to see everything.

Note: after the last official game there will be a sparring match against the Red Mermaids womens team 1x10min! We are still looking for opposition, ask Stefanie Neerinck at the pool tomorrow!

Playing schedule (scroll to the right to see field B)

Referee schedule (scroll to the right to see field B)


You have to wear a mask when you enter the pool building, until you reach the dressing room, after that you can leave your mask off. Dont forget to put it on when exiting the pool.

Try to keep a safe distance (1,5m) when you are in the pool

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