Belgian youth training

On Monday 10/04, BELGIUM UWH organised a fun training day at the Bruges swimming pool for all
Belgian youth, aged between 10 and 18. After a day full of tough but interesting training sessions, 22
young, promising players learned a lot. The trainers of various teams did their very best to pass on all
their tips and tricks to our youth. Among other things, they learned to play better together,
improved their puckskills, grow as an individual player .. In the afternoon the focus was mainly on
matches, and we saw the quality and intensity of the game improving noticeably. Two teams were
formed to compete against each other. While everyone tried very hard for the victory, the
frenchspeaking team ‘les gauf au suc’ won against the Flemish youth ‘de grizze geirnoars’. All this
made the exhausting but fantastic day more than successful. Thanks to all of the trainers our youth
improved a lot this day!

Brecht Dhoedt, team captain of ‘de grizze geinnoars’.

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