This page gives an overview of the Belgian national teams and their workings. You can find contact information for the groups and teams and sign up.

For our national teams we continue with the same philosophy as previous years. In a nutshell that means that we start with bringing players together in OPEN groups. In those groups players will get to know each other, play with/against each other and learn from each other.

Those groups will push underwater hockey forward in Belgium as well as form the bases for a campaign to join a large championship. That means we put the OPEN groups first and focus on them. If from those players the energy and commitment rises we can start a campaign and eventually form a selection.

If you’re interested in playing more, pushing your own level and that of your fellow Belgian players higher please sign up for the groups via the sporteasy-links and whatsapp-groups below.

  • Joining an OPEN group is not the same as joining a national team
    A national team is selected for a championship and an achievement in itself.
  • Players can join multiple OPEN groups. All men can join the Piranhas, all women can join the Mermaids. For instance: men younger then 23 can join the U23 and Piranhas. Men younger then 19 can join the U19, U23 and Piranhas.
  • Reach out to us if you feel there’s a need to create other OPEN groups like masters or U19/U23 women.

In each of the groups we’ll define a ‘core’-group. Those people are the ones who get things going in the groups. They motivate the rest of the players to join groups and improve. They’re the ones organizing training camps, subscribing teams for tournaments, administrating in sporteasy and whatsapp and much more. They get things going. You will reach them in whatsapp or via the e-mails below.

Below some extra information about our philosophy in the documents.