Belgian mixed tournament

Yes! With your help the show can go on! If we do things right and take the rules we can still have a nice underwaterhockey tournament during a Corona-crisis!


So there are 50 players who will play the tournament. Those players will be devided into 6 different teams. Each team will have a captain. Please check this page to know your team and captain.

Due to Corona we’ve selected the first 50 subscriptions for the teams. Unfortunately that means some players will not be able to participate. If your name is not on the list you can’t play. If your name is on the list you have to be there!

The teams can be found here

Team Alexis

Team 7
Team Xavier

Red Hot Chili Flickers
Team Kris


Alexis Franck

Lowie Nijssen

Seppe Thompson

Quentin Maillard

Martijn Vanden Heede


Niels De Laat

Gwendoline Bostoen

Philippe Habay
Hannes Moors

Xavier Gilbert

Katrien Verbakel

Thomas Ketels

Alexander Breugem

Olivier Leroy

Maxime Gendebien

Serhiy Stasiv

Ward Balens

Kris Planckaert

Ekkels Philip

Sander Vreven

De Cauwer Cindy

Neerinck Stefanie


Ines Vermeir

Detruyer Bente

Team Davy

Puck Norris
Team Dante

Team Magali

Stick it up your a**
Kristof Froyen

Davy Schoups

Tom Goesaert

Achiel Daldini

Vellemans Florence

Arthur Collas

Simon Hesbain

Tim Hoppe
Andy Van Wesemael

Manche Antoine

Gaëtan G

Dante Thoelen


Gilles Pecher

Jakob De Caluwé

Arne Devriese

Niels Balens

Dupanloup Clement

Magali Vaes


Liese Devoldere

Jarne Reyntjens

Plissart Emmanuel

Yin-Te Pauwels


This will be done as usual with 2 in the water, 1 on the side and 1 on the table. This is a team effort not the effort of individuel players. To promote this, when playing 2 fields there will be only 1 team reffing for the 2 fields so you will need 8 players!

Due to Corona is that, we will ask the people who will man the table to disinfect the table before you use it.
We will also ask that players bring their own refereeing equipment as much as possible. It will be washed as you use it in the water but their might still be a risk.

Practical information COVID

Even though the competition is a federal activity, we will follow the rules imposed by Sport Vlaanderen as the tournament is organised in the swimming pool of Antwerp.
You can find all information about this event on their website. A short summary bellow:

  • There is a maximum of 50 participants
  • Every participant will have to register and give contact info for contact tracing.
    This is done already when you subscribed through the form.
  • Do not come if you have any COVID symptoms
    This is a no-brainer! Do not come!
  • In the swimming pool a distance of of 1.5m needs to be respected at all time when you are not in the water.
  • When entering the swimming pool, a face mask is obligatory. It is also obligatory to wear a mask in the dressing room. When not playing, participants will be requested to either respect a physical distance or to wear a mask
  • Only use you own equipment. In case equipment needs to be shared, it needs to be desinfected first.
    This is mostly for our referees
  • When not playing, participants will be requested to either respect the 1,5m physical distance or to wear a mask!

Pool entrance

Because of Corona, the entrance of the pool has changes. (see map below). During the COVID pandemic, we have to enter at the entrance marked COVID entrance in the map below. Do not enter the normal entrance (except for the lifeguards, who have to sign here).  The procedure for entering is:

  • When the lifeguard has signed and we have permission to enter, enter through the entrance marked COVID entrance, wearing a mask and keeping a distance of 1.5 m from other people. 
  • Inside desinfect your hands.
  • Take off you shoes and take them with you to the changing rooms (as you will leave through the normal entrance).

Practical information

Meeting at the pool12:40:00
Start 1st game13:20:00
End last game18:00:00
Game duration0:18:00
Half time0:02:00
Team time-outs0:02:00
Overtime (if 0, the game may end in a tie)0:00:00
Minimum time between games0:03:00


Schedule to be found HERE, or through the header COMPETITION > SCHEDULE

GDPR Regulations

One of our lifeguards has requested to take underwater pictures of the competition which may be released in the official Nelos or Lifras publications, as well as on the Belgian Underwater Hockey website. If you do not agree with this use, please let us know so that we can inform our lifeguard/photographer.

In accordance with the swimming pool Covid19-specific regulations, we may transmit to public authorities basic data (name and e-mail/phone number) of participants for traceability purposes. If you do not agree with this use, we will not be able to let you access the swimming pool.


We want to thank everyone who wants to play with us at the tournament with a little gift in a totebag. Some food en juice, perfect for an athlete! A small healthy snack! The winners of the tournament will also get a little something 🙂

Thank you

Organisation has been done by the competition council. With the support of Nelos and Lifras.

  • Location – Alexander (CVD)
  • Lifeguards – Quentin (BUWH)
  • Schedule – Andy (Orca)
  • Referees – Kristof (Orca)
  • Equipment – Alexis (BUWH)
  • Fun & Food – Stefanie (Zwarte Zwanen)
  • Communication – Niels (Orca)