Belgian mixed tournament v2 – subscription

Dear players! As you know we’re holding the 2nd edition of our Belgian mixed tournament! The idea is simple. Everyone who wants to play fills in the form below, gets mixed into a team and will play some hockey! This tournament is open for all players, regardless of experience, fitness, age or nationality.

The players will be mixed into teams as equal as we can do it. Not an easy task but we will give it a go with your help. We’ll ask all players when they subscribe to rate themselves. We will ask the club manager to do the same thing. We will then try to mix the teams together so the average rating of the teams is the same and the positions are more or less devided amongst forwards and backs. If possible we will also try to have at least 2 players of the same club in 1 mixed team.

Some information below:

  • Date: 10/10/2021
  • Captains meeting: 12:45
  • Start first game: 13:15
  • End last game: 18:00 – this might change
  • Subscription: free of charge!
  • Deadline subscription: 26/09 – so register now!
  • Location: De Wezenberg in Antwerp

Apart from that, 1 more little newsflash. One of the competition dates has been moved from 13/02 to 20/02!


Like last year this tournament is held by the Belgian competition council. It holds the same members as last year with 1 addition: Florence Vellemans. Questions can be send to:

  • Equipment – Alexis – BUWH
  • Fun & Food – Stefanie – Zwarte Zwanen
  • Referees – Kristof – Orca
  • Location – Alexander – CVD
  • Communication – Niels – Orca
  • Lifeguards – Quentin – BUWH
  • Schedule – Andy – Orca


Subscribed so far: