Belgian mixed tournament invitation

We’re preparing for our 4th “Belgian mixed tournament”! Same formula as the last 3 editions, it’s all about fun and hockey! Individual players will be mixed in teams and play a round-robin-style tournament!

Every player is welcome! Regardless level, age, sex, … We’re happy with each and everyone of you! If you still need an extra push, the tournament is free too!

We do need at least 35 players to subscribe! Deadline for subscribing is 16/04! Not a single day later! You can subscribe on this page; competition > subscription.

It will be held in Antwerp (adress can be found here) on Sunday 28-04-2024! Keep an eye out for an exact schedule but games will start +/- 13:00 until +/- 19:00.

On our “Team list“-page you can find some information about the making of the teams and also the teams itself when they’re finished!

Any other questions?!