Belgian competition ’23-’24

It took a bit longer then expected, some teams cancelled and some subscribed the last minute, but here’s some information. Some pages are not online yet, so keep an eye out for updates.

This is the final list of subscribed teams:

  • Orca (x2)
  • Zuunse Karpers
  • Lille UC
  • EPO
  • BUWH
  • Zwarte Zwanen
  • Mantis
  • Wickham Tunas
  • Njastacus
  • German Mens
  • Antwerp Sharks

The competition will be held on 2 days. Similar setup like last year.

Day 1

A full round robin with all teams. Expect a lot of short games without switching sides. There’s a lot of teams this year! Exciting times!

Day 2

Based on the the ranking after the 1st day team will be divided into 2 poules. Expect less games but longer.

There will be NO competition 03-12-2023. If someone wants to use the swimming pool for an activity, please reach out to us via