Belgian competition 2021-2022

The end of the radio silence on our behalf! Finally! Sorry for the delay we we’re looking at each other to make the first move. To pick up where we left off, we had a survey done and used that as a starting point for our competition. I believe we’ve taken the results of the survey into account and tried to keep an open eye on the future of this competition.

On a side note, for the ones interested. The results of that survey and my first proposal (Niels) has been written in a document by me and can be found here; “Survey and proposal“. I figured some of you might be interested to read this. This is in no way the opinion of the whole competition council and is not how we ended up organizing it.

2 days of competition!

We’ll have our competition in 2 days. The first day we’ll have a “Round Robin” type of tournament where all teams will play all teams. This will be done in short and fast games. Based on the result of this day we’ll make 2 poules for the second day. In the top-poule we’ll focus on the ‘competition among the teams’ with official games. In the sub-top-poule we’ll have shorter and more fun games again. This seems the best way to combine both the recreational, competition and elite players and give all players bit of what they want.

Day 1 – RR

  • 20/02/2022 (Timing might change depending on subscriptions)
    • +/- 12:30 Meeting at the pool
    • +/- 13:00 Start first games
    • +/- 18:00 End of the last games
  • The usual spot
  • All teams play all teams in short games
  • Ranking of day 1 results in 2 poules for day 2

Day 2 – Poule

  • 27/03/2022 (Timing might change depending on subscriptions)
    • +/- 12:30 Meeting at the pool
    • +/- 13:00 Start first games
    • +/- 18:00 End of the last games
  • The usual spot
  • Poule 1:
    • Official 30min games
    • All teams play all teams in poule 1
    • Winner is Belgian champion
  • Poule 2:
    • Short games
    • All teams play all teams in poule 1
    • Maybe room for some extra ’teams’ to play some games

Registration of the teams!

Each team in the competition will have to fill in the form below. Clubs with multiple teams will have to fill in the same form multiple times. On day 1, or right before, every team responsible will receive a separate form to register all the players. We need to know team names and number of teams first in order to make our schedule and in a later stage we’ll need a player list so we can check membership with Nelos or Lifras. Foreign teams will need to officially state that all players playing with them have an insurance.

  • Each team will need a unique responsible for the team!
  • Every responsible will be added to a whatsapp group. This gives us a chance to communicate fast and directly to each other.
  • Deadline for the subscription: 13/02/2022
  • Contact us for questions or remarks via:

Belgian teams

  • Can choose to play only day 1 or both days
  • Is eligible to become Belgian champion
  • Each player needs to be affiliated with Lifras or Nelos

Foreign teams

  • Can choose to play day 1, day 2 or both. If you choose to only play the 2nd can apply for a place in the top if you want but the competition council will decide if this is possible and beneficial.
  • Can win the ‘day’ but can not the competition
  • The team will need to state that all players have a valid insurance as our federations will not provide this.

Individual players

If clubs have players to spare or can not make a full team you can directly e-mail us too. We’re happy to help you find a solution with any of the other teams or help you make a mixed team.

Team registration form