Belgian competition 2 – Captains meeting

Dear captains and all players!
We will not have an official captains-meeting since all information will be listed below. Any remarks or questions can be send to:

Schedule and timing

You can find the entire schedule and timing for the day via competition > schedule. The adress of the pool is right up there too, no surprises there.
ALL teams are responsible for preparing the fields, please assemble on time and be ready to help! There’s a lot that has to be done in a short time!


The schedule for the referees is posted with the schedule. Please be advised that you referee for 1 complete field, that means you have to provide the list below.
Timekeeper please check the schedule timing! You obviously have to know how long the game will be, how many time-outs you can accept, what to do in case of a referee time-out,… etc.

  • Principal referee
  • Score- and timekeeper(s)
  • At least 2 water referees


Please note that the teams are divided into 2 poules; A and B based on the results of day 1 and team preference. As requested the focus on poule A will be on having normal games, with 2 halves. The games in poule B will be only 1 half, so more focused on fun.

Poule A

  • EPO Akula
  • Holy Orca
  • NjAstacus
  • ISB Barcelona
  • Orca Squid

Poule B

  • Mantis
  • Antwerp Sharks
  • BUWH
  • Zuunse Karpers
  • Zwarte Zwanen

Extra games

As you can see in the schedule, when all games are finished and the ceremony is done, there’s time left over for some extra games. This has been requested by the Red Mermaids. Feel free to organise this as you see fit but beware that the ‘cleaning up’ is your responsibility. Removing goals, walls from the pool and gathering them in the car or trailer.


We will hold a little poolside ceremony but you can also see the results of this competition on the results page. It will be regularly updated during the day, so you can keep track off all the goals that your team has made. You can already see the results off the first competition day.