Belcomp 19-20 – something different?

Dear clubs and teams,

Sunday is the first planned competition day of the season. Unfortunately we’ve reached a low in team subscription. At this point there are only 8 teams subscribed for the competition. 

I guess the reasons for this vary and we would be happy to hear them. 
Our interpretation at this point is that the competition today is “too much”. Giving up 5 sundays to play against the same team seems to be a sacriface to big to make. Especially since there are so few teams and it’s the same ones over and over again. The difference in level between the teams isn’t improving the situation either. Although the only solution for this is, more teams so the teams can be divided into multiple groups, ensuring you play at your level as much as possible. 

With that being said, 8 teams is not enough to divide into groups. It’s also not enough to “fill” 5 days. So we decided to change the format of the competition. We reserve 2 days for the competition. Since we’re only 8 we’ll play a single Round Robin. Meaning all teams play each other ones, stretched over the 2 days. This way, each team will have 3 or 4 games per day. The days will be a lot shorter too. 
These are the dates for the competition:

  • 13/10/19 Competition day 1
  • 02/02/20 Competition day 2

This gives us 3 days that can be used for another purpose.

  • 17/11/19 
  • 16/02/20
  • 29/03/20

For these days there are multiple options, we have some suggestions but all ideas are welcome:

  • Initiation hockey 
  • Training camp national team, elite, u19, u24, women, …
  • Youth competition
  • Women competition 
  • Mixed tournament (individual players can show up, be ranked and split into mixed teams)
  • … or just cancel the pool

What we need from you is feedback on how to proceed with the remaining days. What is it you and your team want? And on which day do you prefer to do this? So what day will we get to welcome your players to Antwerp to have a fun day?

Looking forward to your answers on

Competition council.