2023 Mixed tournament

We’re almost at the end of our competition season. We’ve announced 4 dates but only 1 is remaining. We’ve had a great open training camp and we’ve seen Njastacus crowned well deserved Belgian Champion!

Last stop is our mixed tournament. This is our 3rd edition and we’re holding on to the same formula. Every player who wants a nice day hockey can join us. All players will be mixed into a team based on:

  • His/her own ranking (see the form)
  • A ranking by the teamcoach
  • Their original club, we try to mix those up as much as we can
  • A little random factor

Once mixed we’ll schedule some nice games and off course we’ll crown a winning team too.

All players please subscribe to the tournament as fast as you can. We need to know asap how many players there will be. Then we can decide on the number of teams and start making a schedule.
For a decent tournament we’ll need at least 35 PLAYERS, deadline 16/04.