2018-19 competition final ranking

Dear clubs and teams,

After the last day of competition on April 7th, here is the final ranking for the 2018-2019 Belgium Underwater Hockey competition (sorry about the delay) :

1) Orca Squid
2) Mantis
3) Holy Orca
4) BUWH 1
5) EPO Tubarao
6) EPO Akula
7) Antwerp Sharks
8) BUWH Otters

(Zuunse Karpers and Koraal Genk were forfeit for the second round of the competition and could not be ranked)

We would like to thank you all for having participated to the competition and for your enthusiasm all along the competition. Also, we would also like to thank you for the many support messages that the competition committee received and all those who volunteered to give some time to help us carry the task and ensure that everything went smoothly, despite the hiccups that we met during the year, it means a lot to us.

As for the 2019-2020 season, you can already save the following dates :

1) 13/10/2019

2) 17/11/2019

3) 16/02/2020

4) 08/03/2020 (please note that this date is still under discussion and may change)
UPDATE: This date has now been replace by 02/02/2020

5) 29/03/2020

We will soon be starting the preparation of the new season, and if you have any feedback which you think may help us improve the competition, or even better if you want to volunteer to be part of the competition committee, you are more than welcome to make yourself known, we are always welcoming any kind of help !

Below you will find some beautiful pictures made during the final competition day. Thank to Jonathan Vannieuwenhuyze for making these